Can't Submit a saved draft journal entry

Created a Journal Entry in Accounts, saved it, but did not submit it. Shows as draft in journal list.

Went back into the journal, and could amend it or save it, but could not submit it.

Warning message says ‘Submit this document to confirm’. However there is no submit button, the main button is set to save, and the menu doesn’t have a submit option.

What else might I need to do to make the journal submitable? If there is a blockage, why would it not be shown in a status message?


Check whether login user has permission to submit it ?
Check it from Journal Entry Doctype.

Yes, user was admin.

User had also just posted another journal, wasn’t a permissions issue.

However, logging out, and back in again, brought the submit option back again.

Something weird going on there.

Never mind, issue will re-surface, and perhaps with more experience, a better analysis of the root cause might be possible.

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