Can't translate payment terms description

Hey people,

I am currently searching my way through payment terms and such, and I just ran into the issue that I can’t translate the description in different payment terms. To be precise: I can only do one translation. Whenever I click on the small globe symbol of another description to translate it, the popup window contains that one first translation - and I can add another translation, but I can’t alter the source text to translate different payment terms.

So basically the software seems to have only one translation for all payment terms, no matter how many I decide to set up.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Setup two or more payment terms
  • translate the description of the first
  • attempt to translate any other payment term description.
    → The translation window contains the first translation only.

Did anyone run into the same issue before? Can you reproduce it? Is it a bug or am I overlooking something here?

So I am half glad I can respond to myself: This issue must have been a hiccup of the server: After a gentle slap aka a restart, the translations work just as intended. Closed.