Cant upload anything more than 10kb into v11.1

Just upgraded to
ERPNext: v11.1.20 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.21 (master) … my site was running great before but now I cant upload anything over 10kb or attach files over this size. Seems to be something with socketio reading the host name, or perhaps chmod issue - anyone having similar issues with this latest update?

thank you

I did try to use the name I gave this erpnext instance, but it just gives me the can’t be reached error. I do not have this setup as a FQDN as I only want to access this from the intranet. Do you know how I can resolve this?

Can i bind the name to the ip address through the local windows server DNS which is handing out ip addresses, so I dont have to make it reachable from the internet and use an SSL certificate, etc, hassle, etc?

Can I change the name in ERPnext to the static ip address I have assigned for this server?

Thanks for looking at this.

It looks like erpnext will no longer work without a fully qualified domain name exposed to the open internet. if this is the case, not sure this will work for us anymore.