Cant view custom app on a user login

hi all,
i have created a custom.
it is installed
As an administratot i can see the app.
But other users can’t even list for view in desktop

anybody know?

Make sure the desktop icon is visible to other users via modules setup. Also check role permission manager for its doctypes

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Hello @jof2jc

To make the desktop icon visible for particular user, it doesn’t even show on the list of apps/desktop icons.
When I select user, For Administror/For every one …the list will show the custom app icon.

But when I select a particular user, the list wont show that app!!!

you need to bench migrate

Hi @johnskywalker

I did bench migrate…
Still the issue exists…

just to clarify, what did you create? app or doctype?


I have created an app, Inside app a few doctypes.
But I couldn’t see / set app on desktop while login as a system user.

As an Administrator, I tried to set desktop icons for that user.
But it even list that apps’s name there to tick the checkbox.

check if the user has the permission to read, write or create custom doctype that is created in new app. If not please set the permission for the user role and try again.

Thanks, Makarand

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Another thing, just to make sure you set the desktop icon as standard…

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Hello @jof2jc
How can I make the icon as standard?
Could you please…


Yes I have add all permissions for that app

On desktop icon list

Hello @jof2jc

It is not even listed in desktop item list for users other than Administrator!