Capitalise first letter of each word..?

Can anybody help me to figure it out…!!

Use Case:

When Select New Customer & Filled Customer Name The Each word of the letter should be capital like (eg. I enter customer_name as a vaibhav parmar then after saving the name must be capitalized it’s first character like Vaibhav Parmar)

You can achieve this from the file validate function
self.customer_name = self.customer_name.title()

yes, It can be possible but I’m new on this platform then how I’m willing to do like, How I can reflect the changes in database.
I created a new custom app and I also create a new python file and the path to the file but what I want exactly ( when I create a new customer then Customer_Name should be capitalized on the save button (title() method) its work but how I can do that exactly…?? can you explain in detail…?

You want these changes for the existing Customer doctype right? Then you can don’t need a custom app for this. Since you are new, the easiest way would be through a server script. Search for Sever script. From the list view, click on New. Select the Reference Doctype as Customer and Event as After save. In the Script Section add the script line. Save.

Many thanks, @pateljannat, it will help a lot (I created the server-side script and apply this logic).

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