Capture leads from external websites into ERPNext with page views details and ads activity like Hubspot?

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Hope you are safe and doing great in these crisis times. I searched the forum but couldn’t find any relevant topic to my use case. We are a service provider company and our leads are generated from multiple websites we host on different domains. Actually, we have created sign-up forms on each website, once a visitor submits the sign-up form, the data is being sent to HubSpot and a lead is generated with the Google PPC or social media history. It also stores associated leads’ pages view history on the website.

Is it possible that I integrate/connect the same forms with ERPNext and capture these details when creating lead in ERPNExt? If yes, kindly guide me on how to do this.

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ERPNext has a full rest api. As a consequence, it can be integrated with pretty much anything, but the specifics will depend on the implementation of your webform. If it already integrates with HubSpot, the process for ERPNext will likely be very similar.

I found Frappe REST API documentation here. I can send request to ERPNext to create lead records once a form is submitted on any of my websites, right?

But Hubspot provides a very rich CRM environment. It will tell me which website has the user signed up on, how many times the lead has visited that site, if the lead came to the website from Google PPC or social media, how many pages the lead has viewed on this specific website, the most recent visit timestamp and first visit timestamp, etc.

Is it possible to get all these through the Frappe REST API and show in ERPNExt? Is it possible to have the page views and ads activity along with the form submission data in ERPNext?

@Martin_Seibert I read your post on the forum, I really would appreciate your help on this. Can you please share how you managed the automatic lead capturing. The Web Form and email capturing don’t fulfill my requirement. Thank you.


In principle, you could store all of this information in ERPNext, but you’ll need to set up your website to gather, process, and send it.

HubSpot goes the other way I think, using a tracking script to grab user activity directly from your website. ERPNext does not provide any kind of tracking functionality, and I don’t believe there is any plan to add it. If that is functionality you need, and if HubSpot isn’t working for you, you might look at something like Mautic.

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