Capture multiple client item code

We supply the same stock to various clients, who reference the stock according to their own item codes. We therefore need to add additional items codes to the stock item, but in a manner that we can capture more than one item code.

For example
=> Our item code : BAN-LGT-150
=> Client 1 item code : 145-009
=> Client 2 item code : B77-339

=> Client n item code : LIGHT-CREPE-150mm

The number of separate codes (“n” in the example above) is not known, so therefore it may not be practical to customise the form by adding additional fields. I can’t see any other way around this though.

Are there any other approaches to this?

@crafter For this use-case, the ideal way would be to create a custom DocType (Child Table) for storing the Customer (Linked to Customer) & Customer Item Code and then adding this table to the Item master. I understand that there is a manual entry overhead here, with a new Customer each time, but this seems to be the best possible way, with the current system.

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Customer Details section in the Item master is exactly meant for this:


Checkout this video for step by step instructions ERPNext Customer Supplier Personalisation - YouTube