Capturing imei or serial numbers

A phone/electronics shop need to capture the serial or imei number of the device sold., it is meant to be stored in the system for the purpose of identifying the device in particular which was sold to the customer and is meant to be in the invoice say POS invoice and standard invoice, in case someone is claiming the customers device

You can create a customised field for the same using the Customise form option to capture this information in a doctype and can set it to be mandatory, unique, etc. as per the requirement. Check the screenshot below where the IMEI field (mandatory) is created in the sales invoice.

will it appear in the print

Of course, Just Customize print format.

@ebeneebz, properly manner, is use Serial Numbers.

But the bestway to achieve that is:

Each device can have multiple identification numbers.

For example one cellphone can have:

Serial Number

So, to properly setup this scenario, you need to use, Serialized Items + Product Bundles

Where, for the Device, you define the ‘Serial No’ as the standard identification number, and setup the Product Bundles, according each device vendor/model.


Azus Zen Phone With 2 IMEIS

Packed Items:
   Cellphone Asus Zen Phone, qty 1, Serial No JABX0 0000002392
    IMEI, qty 2, Serial No 1 = 99349394394394, Serial No 2 = 39343438439493483

More information you can found here

That schema will force you to delivery one packed item, with all the information track related.

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Section no 4 in the link you sent says, If any transaction is done with an item, Serial No cannot be set or unset.

In my case it will be applied in new items.
This time I need to temporarily use it at the point of sale

Yes. If you customise the form, it will appear in the print format.

Can this feature have effect in POS. I want it to have effect in pos

How does this work on v13 beta13? I don’t get an option to select serial number at the packed items level.

I can’t select it at the items table as the item is not a maintain stock item but a product bundle.

It’s in the packed items table