Capturing Name of Approver of Workflow Action that Submits a Document


We seem to struggling more than we should about this:

Let’s say there is a Workflow action that submits a document (say a Purchase Order). All we want is for the name of the person (carrying out the workflow action that submitted the document) to be captured in a custom field of the document.

Is is possible to do this? If yes, how.

We tried to replicate the suggestions in this link: After workflow action, but without too much success.




if you only need to make the submit user name available on print format, maybe you can refer to the below monkey patch

in print format you can use {{doc.get_submit_username()}}

you can access the source erpnext_oob/monkey_patches/ · 余则霖/ERPNext开箱即用 -

I’m using this to get the Approve User and Date

{% set approve_user, approve_date = frappe.db.get_value(“Comment”, {“reference_name”:, “content”: “Approved”}, [“owner”, “modified”]) %}

Hope that help

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This is possible. I created three fields: a check field, a data field for storing the person’s name, and a date field to hold the date. All three fields are filled and saved BEFORE the workflow action is triggered. See the image below:

See the JS code below:

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Leave Application’, {
 sick_leave_approval_check:function (frm) {
       if (frm.doc.sick_leave_approval_check == 1){
        sick_leave_approved_by: frappe.session.user_fullname,
        sick_leave_approval_date: frappe.datetime.nowdate()
if (frm.doc.sick_leave_approval_check !== 1){
        sick_leave_approved_by: null,
        sick_leave_approval_date: null
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