Capturing payments outside ERPNExt - can I set a custom status for invoices?

Hi all

We are running a separate accounting system along with ERPNext. The process currently is for us to build the invoices by using Purchase Order → Purchase Invoice and then sending the invoice to our external accounting system to run the actual payment process for the customer.

But in ERPNext, I’m unsure how to display that a purchase invoice is sent to our external system.

Any advice? Can I rename the invoice status ‘Paid’ to ‘Sent to external system’ or something like that?


It’s definitely doable, though the best way depends a lot on how exactly you divide up the labor. On the erpnext side, you’ll be leaving a lot of accounts receivable open, but if all your accounting is external perhaps that’s fine.

If all you’re looking to do is change the indicator (colored circle+text) in the list view and document view, you can do that relatively easily with a client script. Create a custom field that gets marked somehow when sent to the external system, then set the indicator using the get_indicator method using the list api: