Cargo and Courier Management Instance

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Is there any shareable deployment instance customized for general cargo and couriers service company with frappe or ErpNext, please to share link if there is.

The specific things with cargo and courier business process is pricing which will related (as variable) with weight and volume weight, source and destination address, total weight /volume, service type (regular, economic, premium, etc), extra (such as insurance, re-packaging), type of goods / package.

Important operation side requirement is the tracing position of cargo/package for internal and for customer information, fast input method in any transition / stages from retail POS receive, or lump sum corporate receive, consolidation, shipping, deconsolidation, and received in destination.

Please share

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Bun Hin

@buhin, the unique instance that I know that runs ERPNext for Cargo is but this is not shared!

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Dear Max,

Thank you for info, i will check the link. But still i am looking for the one shareable.

Bun Hin

Are there any Indian courier tracking applications which can currently interface with ERPNext. Wewould like receive tracking positions for (1) package deliveries to our Retail stores from Suppliers (2) The purpose e-commerce deliveries to our end customers.