Carry Information from Job Applicant through to Employee

Hi there, I am wanting to be able to carry the following information from Job Applicant entry through to their Employee page once they have been employed:
a) Attachments, such as their CV, drivers’ license etc.
b) Custom fields that I will be adding, such as their phone number, region they will work in, and languages they can speak

I can make the custom fields identical to the fields in the Employee form to give them the greatest chance of carrying over, however I suspect that they will not, because (correct me if I’m wrong, but) you can’t Make a Job Applicant an Employee without first creating an Offer Letter. So I assume that the attachments and added fields must first carry to the Offer Letter, hopefully without being printed on the letter, and then find a way to carry the information from Offer Letter to Employee.

Can you please advise on solutions to this? Otherwise we might have to revert to our previous system.

Many thanks,


Please check the ERPNext 11.0 beta, I’m sure you should be able to fine tune Employee Onboarding under Human resources > Employee Lifecycle to fit your needs.

Hope this helps, thanks!

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Hi @akurungadam, I really appreciate your help!

I was very excited to try the new beta, hoping it would solve my issues! I’ve just created a couple of test job applicants through the new beta and it unfortunately seems I’m running into the same problems where no attachments, comments, tags or custom fields carry through the recruitment process to Offer Letter and then ‘Make Employee’. I had a look at the new Employee Lifecycle section you mentioned, and this doesn’t seem to provide any way of carrying information through the recruitment process either.

Would you by any chance have any other suggestions?


No problem, with Job Applicant reference in Employee, you can easily navigate to find attachments or look up other details? Or maybe you can create a GitHub issue to link the Resume Attachment to the Employee on Make Employee.

Thanks @akurungadam. It seems strange that attachments and Comments would carry across when making a Lead into a Customer, but they don’t carry when making a Job Applicant into an Employee.

Can you please explain how to reference the Job Applicant on the Employee page? If they could be somehow linked so that the attachments are one click away from the Employee page, it would at least be a temporary workaround.

Also, would you happen to know when ERPNext 11.0 will be released?

Thanks again!

11.0 version has this link. You can add a custom link filed for now.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement.

Thanks so much for the info!