Cash Flow Mapping / Mapper

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I have a problem showing Cash Flow Report using Cashflow mapping and Cashflow mapper.

The report doesn’t show any of the mappings that I added. Thanks!

What do you mean by mapping? Could you explain further so I can better assist you. Thanks.

I just discovered this feature today as I continue on my “Quest for Value”. I still am learning to configure it properly and have the same problem as you do.

A properly configured Cash Flow Statement is one of the platforms (along with the balance sheet) from which robust finance metrics such as EVA™️ can be derived.

ERPNext has this new feature, where you specify which accounts and where they should be “added or subtracted” after the starting point of the cash flow: Net Income.

The poster boy for this is Depreciation Expense.

The idea is that Net Income already has Depreciation Expense removed from it, but this kind of expense is not related to a cash outlay.

First you need to create a Mapper, which will be the name on the line in the cash flow statement representing the value you want. This mapper has to be linked to the account / accounts you wish to include in the Custom Cash Flow Statement.

(I’m still unclear about how this works exactly, I have tried Expense, Liability accounts and have not seen the mapper in the Custom Cash Flow Statement)

Once you have created the mapper, you have to add it to one of the three Mappings as a child. In the case of a Depreciation Expense Mapper, you would add it to the Operations Mapping.
Clarification: Companies Traditionally have Cash Flow from operations, investing and financing.

Once the Mapper is added as a child to your chosen Mapping, you need to configure the Cash Flow report to show the custom data.

Accounts > Account settings
Select the “Use Custom Cash Flow Format” and Save

Now when you open your Cash flow Report, your changes should be shown! In my case, I am also not seeing anything, so I will troubleshoot and reply if I find a solution! I have double checked everything. Made sure the “Use Custom Cash Flow Format” is selected. I have deleted and re-created my mappers and mappings but no luck yet.



Were you able to find a solution to this issue?

Grateful if you can share your findings.

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I just came across this issue again today, and quite frankly, it is very frustrating :disappointed: to have this problem still occurring. I have bumped it to one of our top 5 priorities on our list, so we can solve it and hopefully send a pull request.

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Hey, did you have any success with this issue. Please let me know. Having same problem in self hosted version 12.18

I am also facing the same issue. The mapping has no effect on Cash flow report

Hi @Tropicalrambler

Did you get to the bottom of this ?

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Note for those reading this:

The explanation is good but Mapper vs Mapping is reversed.

In ERPNext, the Mappers are the headings (the three Operations, Investing, and Financing).

The Mappings are the child lines that will be added into one of the Mappers (headings).

BTW to echo other users here, I’m using v13.2.0 and still not able to get custom cash flow mappings to work. :frowning:

You might have to take a look at the code, I had a similar issue and the solution was to adjust the code.

Hi! am using version 13.2.0 as well. same issue. is this not yet resolved?

Your created mappings will not show until changing default Cash Flow Mapper Positions to right values.

Go to Cash Flow Mapper list, change each Position fields in Cash Flow Mappers.

  • Operating Activities position to 1
  • Investing Activities position to 2
  • and Financing Activities position to 3.

Please check Cash Flow Statement again after changing these values.

I’ve tested and worked in ERPNext version 13.33.0. Thanks.