Cash Flow Statement & Cash Flow Forecast

Didn’t find Cash Flow Statement & Cash Flow Forecast anywhere? Can
anyone help please?


You can only generate balance sheet and profit and loss statement as financial statement…

Cash / bank ledgers GL report will give you most of the data, out of which you can externally prepare cash flow statement.

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Umair Sayyed

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 3:36 PM, Kashif at Outso <> wrote:
Didn't find Cash Flow Statement & Cash Flow Forecast anywhere? Can
anyone help please?

Dear Rishab / Umair

Having come a long way to a most professional one stop solution for a entire ERP Solution would it not be beneficial for everyone to get the cash flow and funds flow statements from the ERP System instead of using an external application.

Also I would suggest certain importance given to MIS as regards to Vendor Performance Index , Customer Performance Index which would surely take you to the top of the line Software Provider.

Appreciate if you could please do give Print Options to be saved as PDF / CSV which is missing in certain reporting as you must be aware of the same.

Options required for Sales / PO format which should surely include the Qtn No / PO No of the Customer / Vendor along with the Choice for incorporating their VAT Nos.

Such Information I think every user would welcome .


I hope they will incorpporat it in the near future… beacuse greate improvemnts i am seeing in V.5. That is a good @micarb11 suggestion and i belive it is in the heart of majority of ERPNext user, Please act sooner than later.
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We already have a long todo list. If you want us to prioritize, please consider paid development.

ERP next will be edge to complete finance software if it can add a cash flow management system that will have reports like projected cash in flow, projected cash out flow, actual cash in flow and actual cash out flow, as cash is the main thing in finance it will be a great addition if you add the system to ERP next next versions in priority.

how much will it cost us if you develop a full cash flow management system which will have projected cah flow report and actual cash flow report in both sides(cash in flow and cash out flow)?

I need cash flow statement too . Is there any update on it ?

+1 with cash flow management

+1 Cash flow management

Isn’t that already (partially) available in ERPnext?


(although I agree it is not that well documented)

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