Cash or Bank Account is mandatory for making payment entry

What does’t it mean it show on pos when we chose pay and select cash


-Open Sales Invoice form view

  • Under “Payment” section ,there is field of “Cash/Bank Account” field
  • Select respective account and then submit.
    (you can go Form POS view to sales Invoice View)

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Also you can setup “Cash/Bank Account” by creating POS Profile.

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How i setup “Cash/Bank Account” by creating POS Profile ?

Thanks for your help

ok i found it

What if I choose a bank account in the invoice and then actually receive the payment in cash or by Paypal?

-Is that a problem for accounting entries?
-Does one have to cancel/amend the invoice accordingly?

-if you choose Bank Account as “Cash” then its affected in Accounting entries
-you can see it in “General Ledger” report by selecting “Cash” account
it will be debited.
-And if you cancel sales invoice then it cash account become zero
and you amend it with some changes that much amount get reflected.

We do not have a “Cash/Bank Account” field in the POS Profile form. How do we activate it?