Cash Receipts POS Document


I would like to create a new POS form/document for cash receipts. Simply a document to prove that I’ve received such payment from the customer.
It’s going to be similar to a billing sales invoice but without the products, just the amount of received cash.

Any idea how to do this or if there’s something similar out there? I’m up for creating a new doctype if this is what it takes…

I think create a new doctype would be a nice approach . if the doctype is submitted it will create a journal entry.

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@Hiato Payment Request is already pushed in develop branch.

Edit: But yes, we need a Payment DocType too. Its on @nabinhait’ s list, after merging @mehta_akshay’s Asset Depreciation module!

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Thanks! Unfortunately I’m not so good at developing in Python or Linux… is there an easy tutorial to show how to add this to my version? or a file i can install or anything like that?

Bench README bench/ at master · frappe/bench · GitHub

Use the Bench to keep ERPNext and frappe apps updated.

erpnext@server:~/frappe-bench$ bench update

Is an Asset Depreciation Module coming? This would be a great module and I’m sure a lot of users would love to have this.