Cash Sales Invoice - Additional Info (Customer Name)

For Cash Sales Invoice, I created a customer account CASH (Customer Account name = CASH).

Since we would like to collect customer name, we create new Contact for Customer Account CASH.
If there are 5 Cash Sales Invoice with different Contact every day, in a month there will be more than 100 Contacts for Customer Account CASH.

Is there any Contact maximum limit on each Customer Account ?

Since we only want to collect Customer Name, is there other way ?
(Rather than for every new Sales Invoice we create new Contact for Customer Account CASH)

You can create a custom field to track the customer name, that way you do not have to switch screen to create the contact.

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Thank you @nabinhait, will definitely try it.

Hello @rudyhn
Is there cash sales invoice in ERPNext?
I hope if there is a way to do invoice that is paid (cash sales invoice) so no need to do payment, enough to do the cash sales invoice.