Certain fields don't save when adding fields via "Customize"

I recently upgraded from v12 to v13. Some new fields were added to v12 when customizing fields: e.g. “Mandatory Depends On” (mandatory_depends_on) and “Read Only Depends On” (read_only_depends_on). These fields show up in my install, but after entering an eval clause in either field and saving the form, the fields appear empty when examined. The eval clause does not take effect.

I looked at the tabCustom Field table, and I noticed those two columns are missing. Adding the missing columns to the database, however, does not cause ERPNext to add values to the column to save the field data.

  • Is this a bug in v13 or the upgrade process (can anyone help confirm that those fields work/don’t work in v13 when installed from scratch vs upgraded)?
  • Is there a way to fix my install so that those fields work?