Change Admin and User Password with Script

I need to change the administrator, frappe, and user password using a script.

Basically, after installation, I want to change these password at the command line:

Frappe/ERPNext is installed successfully and is running on port 80.
Frappe password: KpblgK0o0mVzyuhR
MariaDB root password: fqpateISEU0wbonp
Administrator password: R6IMw2xXq6wS3Gqx

I attempted to change the password in MySQL, but I do not know what hash was used to store the passwords.

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use bench frappe --set_admin_password [new password]

Then you can login and change the passwords for the other users.


Thank you for your response.

what to do for erpnext multi-tenant site?

you can use

bench --site site_name set-admin-password password_to_set