Change autonaming for Project from fieldname to Naming Series

I am trying to solve the problem, how to change autonaming for Project from fieldname to Naming Series using custom app, without touching Standard Doctype and exporting it as a fixture.

By mistake asked already in this topic:

python script that runs after install can be used?

@revant_one, could you please point me to some example how to change autonaming of Projects from fieldname to Naming Series via py script? I do not have an idea and did not found anything similar here…

I searched about this. I don’t think it is possible without modifying ERPNext code.

Either fork and maintain fork or send a PR where you replicate the functionality of Customer or Supplier. The name can be based on naming series and it is configurable through Selling Settings or Buying Settings.

If it was like customer settings you could write a python function and mention module dot path to it in after_install

example for setting customer by naming series,
the function does frappe.db.set_value("Buying Settings", "Buying Settings", "cust_master_name", "Naming Series")

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Thank you a lot for your response, but I am afraid that proposed solution is beyond my current abilities and experiences with ERPNext.
But thanks anyway!

Just for info to anybody who needs Projects auto naming by series - in version 13 it is natively supported. Amazing :slight_smile: