Change backgroun screen color - bright white to another color?

I am trying to change the background color of the erpnext.

The white is too intense.

I reduced the brightness on my screen, but then, the colors for my other applications are adversely affected.

What setting would allow this?



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If you are on version 13, you can switch to dark mode via command + shift + G.

Thanks for the hint.

Unfortunately, I am still using v12.x.

I will be asking my consultant to upgrade it.


In addition to dark mode, maybe there could be an option to choose from a variety of colors: gray, beige, light blue, light green, etc…(maybe have 2-3 levels fo each color to accommodate various users tastes.

Sometimes black is the opposite of the intense white and could be too dark.


Hi @smokinjo, thanks for your feedback. Request you to please fill out the design feedback form so that we can review and prioritize your request. For more info, check this post.