Change Birthday Reminder Message Format

I want to change the Birthday Reminder Message Format,
I tried to find this on Email Alert but couldn’t get through.

Hi, please check

@NMyshuk i’ve already read that post, but there is no solution in this post.

It is currently not possible to customise Birthday Reminder message, it will be best to open a new Feature Request on github

@NMyshuk & @netchampfaris Thanks for your replies, I’ve achieved this by editing below block of code in

	for e in birthdays:
		frappe.sendmail(recipients=filter(lambda u: u not in (e.company_email, e.personal_email, e.user_id), users),
			subject=_("Birthday Reminder for {0}").format(e.employee_name),
			message=_("""Today is {0}'s birthday!""").format(e.employee_name),
			reply_to=e.company_email or e.personal_email or e.user_id)

Hi, I’ve stopped standard birthday reminder and create new task in my custom app. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make changes in core code.

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I don’t think so, editing some “String” code is not a big deal.

If I am not wrong reason for @NMyshuk suggestion is that upgrade of the software breaks when you have made changes to the core. It is always good practice to make new custom doc that ensures upgrade is done seamlessly.

After all it your choice even if you think coding is easy for you.

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Yes, it’s not a big deal but it cause problems for your updating. and it’s just my suggestion.

You can make everything you want:)

@Muzzy & @NMyshuk many thanks boys for your suggestions, you both are right. but i’ve to find a quick solution for this, anyways Thanks alot.