Change BOM after Purchase Order for Subcontract

Hi all,
I am currently facing the following issue; I created a Purchase Order for a Subcontracted Item of which I have received 50% so far. In order to initiate the other 50%, I wanted to make the required Material Transfer as before. The problem is that after the receiving the first 50% of the Subcontracted Item, its BOM changed.

If I select the new BOM on the Material Transfer Stock Entry that I make against the PO, I receive an error that the items do not match the ones listed on the BOM used for the PO. For Production, I found the Manufacturing Setting > Backflush based on Material Transferred option (highlighted here BOM Item change while Production is In Process ). Is any such option available for subcontracted items?

It would be great if I can transfer material and receive the Subcontracted item based on a new BOM even after raising the PO.

Thanks for any help.

For now, material transfer and receipt is tied with BOM. The discussion to make it flexible is already happening on the following GIthub Issue.

Join this discussion to collaborate on polling resources for getting this feature developed in ERPNExt.

Thanks for highlighting