Change calendar default view, filter data using default Date filter

Hi there,

any hint on how to change default calendar view to weekAgenda?

Not sure if it’s a bug, how to filter data using the Date default filter in calendar? It seems not be working, i’ve changed Date back to December 2016 and nothing happen …see pic taken from erpnext demo site:


Yes it is a bug, looks like date selection is doing any action. Can you please raise a github issue for the same.

@KanchanChauhan thx, i’ll open an issue.

Any hint on how to set calendar default view as weekAgenda?


@KanchanChauhan opened issue frappe/2574

@JoEz ,
adding provision for changing calendar view via, [enhance] provision to set default view for calendar by saurabh6790 · Pull Request #2575 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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@saurabh6790 thx