Change Currency on - VERSION 13 - ERPNext-Production-20210115115254 vm

Hello guys , I downloaded the virtual machine to run (ERPNEXT VERSION 13 - ERPNext-Production-20210115115254).

Unfortunately I do not know what I am missing ,I have tried to change the currency to USD from INR from global defaults , price lists and even Company under accounting.

Nothing seems to work. Any ideas on what i am missing.

l have once faced same problem l think its from the respiratory l can safely say its a bug so the best you can do is to modify that INR to USD and the usd make it something else e.g USR

Thank Francis for your response, I tried renaming the currencies and was only able to change the symbols and the cents , otherwise the currency names could not be changed but could only display Updated successfully but with no effective change

ok best option will be to upgrade to v14