Change currency value to more than 1 billion

In erpnext, the field with datatype currency can hold up until 1 billion and it cant exceed more than that. Is there a way how to change the value

Could you illustrate this ?

I just did a transaction with 10 Billion and it was successfully done


By default, the length of the Currency field is 18.

I’m sorry I’m mean more than 1 zillion

I tried to the the transaction more than 1zillion (, and it didnt work

@valen it’s not an realistic number

If in the real world an single company move zillions in one transaction, it will break up the global economy. (Really!!!)

I think you should explain with details, why do you think that number matters for you?

Are you planning to use ERPNEXT to create spatial measurements using numbers in a gplex order ?

If yes, I think you should choose floats, or argue better the use case

Also Indefinite and fictitious numbers - Wikipedia

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My mistake, I mean more than 1 trillion. The erpnext currency cannot store data more than 1 trillion.