Change date format in auto generated remarks in payment entry

Hi I wanted to changed the date format to DD-MM-YYYY in the auto generated remarks in the payment entry document.
No it is saving as YYYY-MM-DD

Anybody kindly help.

There is only one setting for the date format in system setting. Do you want ddmmyy in print or gui?

in the payment entry there is a auto generated remarks right…
in that it is creating as yyyy-mm-dd

But i need that to be dd-mm-yyyy. how this can be achieved.

You can use this {{ frappe.utils.formatdate(doc.posting_date, "dd-MM-yyyy") }} to show in print format. Check your DocType to know if it is posting date or transaction date.

You need to be more clear as to what you have done, your ERPNext version and exactly what you want to achieve.

refer the remarks auto generated when creating payment entry

Amount INR 738 to xxxxx xxxxxxx
Transaction reference no N3652117XXX dated 2021-12-31
Amount INR 738 against Purchase Order PO-00370

Instead of dated 2021-12-31 need 31-12-2021