Change date of submitted invoice

Is it possible to change the posting date in a submitted invoice without cancellation?

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There are ways to do that BUT the correct way is to credit that invoice and re-submit with correct dates.

There are a lot of invoices and I don’t want to have a lot of cancelled invoices for this purpose. Can you tell me the other ways pls?

First of all, you need to delete GL Entry and Stock Ledger Entry and update currently submitted invoices to draft mode then edit the date and resubmit. please following the steps:

cd frappe-bench
bench console
frappe.db.sql("""delete from tabGL Entry where voucher_no= "CRI-100662" """)
frappe.db.sql("""delete from tabStock Ledger Entry where voucher_no="CRI-100662" """)
frappe.db.sql("""update tabSales Invoice set docstatus=0 where name="CRI-100662" """)

Note: Replace CRI-100662 with your invoice number

Once you are done with the above steps then reload and resubmit the invoice after changing the date.


I’m on frappe cloud. I don’t think I have access to backend. Any other way to do this?

Oh don’t do this until you really know what you’re doing.

There are a lot of other linked documents like payment entry, delivery note, journal entry etc and modifying the document can break the system.

Telling newbies to do this is like pouring petroleum on to fire, will only make it worse for them.


There is no legal/correct way to change the posting date other than by cancelling and amending the document.

Okay will keep that in mind. Thank you though.