Change Debit Account for Purchase Receipt

I am wondering how to change the Debit Account for Purchase Receipt. System automatically chooses an account (Finished Goods) and I’d like to use Stock Account instead.

Where can I change that?


I don’t have the system in front of me now, but if I’m not mistaken:

  • go to CoA,
  • click and edit the Stock Account,
  • change the Account Type to the same type as Finished Goods,
  • select Stock Account in place of the Finished Goods when making Purchase Receipt

thanks a lot!

The Stock Account in COA is already labelled as ‘Stock’.
I am stuck at the point when I need to choose the appropriate Account type in Purchase Receipt. I can’t see any field in Purchase Receipt that allows me to change it. Or am I missing something?

I need to see what exactly you are doing. Can you contact me on

the stock account in purchase receipt is derived from the account defined in warehouse or company master. in other word, not like expense account, stock account is auto fetched from master data, is not changeable at transaction level.