Change default domain at doc_type links in the TODO's assignment email body

When when we assign a person to a doc_type, a new todo mail is sent to the person.

At it’s body there is a link that is like the following:


At least I believe that this is te logic behind the examples I got.

We have setup a dns for our app and we need to change “default” to our dns.

Any hint where should I look?

Hi @totalys,

If you haven’t checked then please check the documentation.

Thank You!

hi @NCP ,

I did checked that but my problem is that I’m not finding the file to add this function.

the doc_type is the TODO list. (email image attached).

If I could find where this template is, I could edit and resolve this issue… any hint?

Solved here: Document and link in auto email is sitename not domain name - #6 by totalys

Thank you guys.