Change Default value before install


Is there any way to change the erpnext default value before install. For example i installed erpnext in local machine for development and i have set up it for institution or educational and after development i have requirement that when ever i install erpnext from local machine to other machine i want to set default role at time of sign up should be half student(custom role)

Are you actually looking forward to migrate local account to other platform? In that case, you should setup Frappe and ERPNext in the new infrastructure, and then restore database of the locally hosted account into a new setup. With the database restore, the custom roles, user permissions and other customization/data will be migrated as well.

@umair no i want to know is there any way to change the default roles at time of signup using python code

No. Roles are preset. Based on the domain selection, some roles will get visible and some will get hidden.

If you have suggestion for other roles which should be added by default, please add it in the core ERPNext application and send a pull request for the same.

@umair what i meant is i would like to change the default role at time of sign up to customer instead of student but i don’t want to set it up each time i install or reinstall the my customized version.