Change desk 'E' icon uisng custom app

How can I change the icon of erpnext ‘E’ in the desk to my customized icon? I want to change it through my custom app is that possible?


Everything possible. you just have to find the appropriate icon and change it.

but why do you want to change something like that. Just asking. maybe better read the below article.

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I understand your concern. you can disable the logo by commenting on this part of the code present in conf.js followed by bench build and bench restart.

$('.navbar-home').html('<img class="erpnext-icon" src="'+
			frappe.urllib.get_base_url()+'/assets/erpnext/images/erp-icon.svg" />');

Also, you can keep your customized icon in the above part of the code by giving the appropriate file path.
I hope you find this useful.

Is it possible to add this code in custom app from where it get changed?

you can find “conf.js” file at /erpnext/public/js/conf.js
if you change here “E” icon it will reflect globally

The problem was the client I am making project for asked me to only make changes in the custom app and don’t change the erpnext app’s code, so now it seems this is not possible without changing erpnext app’s code.

Actually i am making a custom app which can be used with anysite where erpnext is installed, that is why did not want to change erpnext code

Have a look at how the ERPNext app does it, because if that app isn’t installed, it actually shows the frappe logo, so its definitely possible.

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