Change ERPNext Logo and favicon to my logo

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Change ERPNext Logo when i login and favicon to my logo. and what the dimensions for logo …


You can achieve this from Website Settings. Check for the Favicon image section. No dimension defined as such. Try and check what works best for you.


Tried a favicon taken from of 16X16 size .Not updating in my instance

@Savad_Ibrahim in add these lines:

website_context = {
“favicon”: “/assets/your_app/images/your_logo.png”,
“splash_image”: “/assets/your_app/images/your_splash.png”


Actually what i found is that favicon is shown when i use ip address for launching instance but not showing when i give domain name

Did u attached your favicon in Website settings as Public Attachment

Where do we set it as public ? I couldnt find it in your screenshot either.

while attaching file it will show like this

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Little padlock should be open …

I tried this but still favicon will apppear only when i use ip address

Tried on a different web browser?

empty browser cache.


Fevicon can be changed but how to replace ERPNext logo?