Change field value with transaction

I have a custom field in quotation items called stage has value 70 I need to change it to 90 when it’s transferred to sales order

use-case please. Why are you not using standard status of Quotation which is updated to Ordered on the creation of Sales Order.

Dear @umair
Thanks for your response

Because I need this status per item not on all quotation
so I have custom filed in sales order item also called stage I need it to have value 90 when making the sales order

Hi @Alaa_Badri

I have idea . Use custom app (use hooks) or custom script (call when save SO) when create new SO will call update stage field of Quotation Items.

In Sales Order Item, % Delivered and % Billed is updated for each item. Try creating report using these values. Best to stick to core as much as possible. It will be upgrade proof as well.

Dear @vinhnguyent090

Do you have an use-case for this

Dear @umair
the update i need to do in stage field in quotation item when save or submit the sales order so who i can use Delivered and Billed for do that

Hi @Alaa_Badri

I don’t have.