Change format in words of total amount


I have a problem with the total mount in words value, I need to change it for a custom string o description, but I dont know how to make it. I’m a python developer, but your documentation not it clear…
How can i change the value for this field?
For example in report selling we have this:

(Default sentence):

In Words (USD):
USD Three Hundred And Forty only.

(Custom sentence):

In Words (USD):
Three Hundred And Forty Dollars 00/100 USD.

I need to change “USD Three Hundred And Forty only” to “Three Hundred And Forty Dollars 00/100 USD”
Anyone can help me or give me a clue?

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Hi @aarondiazr,

This is not yet available, but you can check the money_in_words method for the format.

Thanks, Makarand