Change Holiday to week of - HR attendance


I am creating a salary slip, while creating this, working days are different for each employee.

When I see, on monthly Attendance Report, it is showing H (Holiday) and WO ( Week of) for some employee.

So, I want to change H to WO, so Working days would be the same for all employess.

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Hey, @Meet_Patel, I would really appreciate it if you share how did you accomplish this. Because I want to do something similar, your experience and advice would save me too much time. Thank you.


Actually, We need to Create a Holiday list for a company and need to mention this holiday list to each employee.


Thank you for responding. I had created a holiday list and marked attendance for the month of May. As expected the holidays (Sundays and other offs) were marked as ‘H’ in the monthly attendance sheet. But for the month of June, I see unexpected results. Though I have the same configuration in ERPNext, still marked ‘WO’ for Sundays and ‘H’ for other holidays that are both listed in the holidays’ list. What might be causing this behaviour? Can you guide, please?

For reference, here is a screenshot of the monthly attendance sheet.

Please also notice that it has marked employees absent on the first Sunday (June 6) which is also listed in the holidays’ list.

Month of May: