Change home button on desk with my company logo

Hello guys.

I want to change the home button icon on desk with my company logo.
Is that possible?

I think you can set it in

I’ve been change it but it just change in logo tab of the browser. Have u ever change it before @netchampfaris?

put this code in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/conf.js
and replace this line ($(‘.navbar-home’).html(‘<img class=“erpnext-icon” src="’…)
var Company_logo =‘/assets/erpnext/images/erp-icon.svg’{
method: “path to white list function get company logo url “,
args: { “current_user”: frappe.session.user },
callback: function (r) {
if (r.message) {
$(‘.navbar-home’).html('<img class=“erpnext-icon” src=”’ +
frappe.urllib.get_base_url() + String(r.message) +'” //>‘);
$(’.navbar-home’).html(‘<img class=“erpnext-icon” src="’ +
frappe.urllib.get_base_url() + String(Company_logo) + ‘" //>’);