Change home button or desktop


Hi everyone,
I want to change the home button on the picture… Can anyone show me how to do it? tia :blush:

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Hi @ella_chua,

you will need to fork ERPNext and then look at erpnext/erpnext/public/images and you will find erpnext.svg. Don’t forget to regularly merge updates, and if you have relevant bugfixes and features send in pull requests! Contribution is valued and helps all!


When I change the icon it does not appear on screen. can you help me please…?

Have you reloaded the web browser and made sure it cleared its cache? In v12, also run bench migrate, bench build and bench restart, just to be sure…

yes, I did it but it did not work. I will continue looking for a way to do this

there is hook for this in version 12

@ksbarrientosn You can do it with custom app.

create file called conf.js in puplic/js:

// add toolbar icon
$(document).bind('toolbar_setup', function() {
	$('.navbar-home').html('<img class="erpnext-icon" src="'+


app_include_js = "/assets/js/conf.js"

Nice code snippet! This would also allow to rewrite the home button to something else than the new desktop :wink:

Perfect, Thankyou so much to you all…!! help me a lot…!