Change In Calendar

hi all,
can anyone get me some information about date picker in erpnext
and if i change calendar in erpnext to “Hijri shamsi” the following picture will be change automatically ?

and if it is possible say me where is source code for this ?


Sorry as feature of Hijri Calendar is not available in ERPNext. Please followup for this feature via following Github issue.

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tnx but plz get me more information about this


The feature of calendar based on Hijri itself is not available in the ERPNext. If you wish to have this feature added in ERPNext, please support this idea via Github Issue shared above.

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can i replace source code for georgian with hijri ?

I guess functionality of hijri calendar should be made/designed separately, and one should be able to switch from Georgian to Hijri and vise-versa. If you have experise in design and development and interested in contributing this feature, please share your ideas on design. We don’t suggest to edit core files for any features as it will get writtenoff in the next upgrade.