Change in HR workflow

Dear Friends,

This week, we have released a number of small improvements in ERPNext.

Some of you might have faced issues due to a bug fix in the Print Format related code. Alas, we are still not very good at predicting the impact of customizations on our new code. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Apart from Print Formats, we have introduced a change in how Expense Claims and Leave Applications are approved.

We have introduced 2 new roles: Expense Approver and Leave Approver.

In each of these forms, the applicant will have to select an approver with these roles. The applicant can also assign this form to the approver, if required. The approver will be able to see this form in his/her list. Only this approver can submit the form with 'Approved' status.

We have also included inline help to guide the user about the process. Along with the change in workflow, this should improve the feature's usability.

You can also check the 'Latest Updates' page to get further details about the new releases.
(Its link can be found at the footer of your ERPNext account)

Please drop in any suggestions or issues by replying to this email.

Anand Doshi

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