Change in the process of POS


Is it possible to change the process of POS?

I need something like

customer 1 > POS trans > proof of order (print) > just save it without creating a sales invoice.


customer 1 (again) > POS Trans > proof of order (print) > just save it again without creating a sales invoice

then in the final counter all of the transaction made by customer 1 will be merge for payment. just something like that.

is it possible?

can someone advice me how to do this?

thanks in advance! :grinning:

Could you tell us what the use case scenario is ? That will help us better


first thanks for your response :grinning:.

the scenario will be multiple instance of POS but there will b a single invoice generated for the same customer.

lets just say at the end of the day we just need to merged all of the transaction record of a customer in a single record of the invoice.

Can I assume that you are in effect trying to have Sales order version of PoS

Where we can create a sales order using PoS, create an invoice as well as delivery note all using PoS?


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Yes! Exactly something like that. because in creating an invoice you can get the items from any Sales Order and hopefully after creating an transaction in POS with Sales Order it must update the stock also.

How to do that kind of process?

Im thinking of duplicating the page of POS then change something the process to achieve that.

Welcome to my world.

I am currently battling with putting as many standard features into the PoS as possible.

What you are asking for is in the part two of my PoS project.

When using the PoS user should have the option of creating

  1. Invoice
  2. Sales Order
  3. Invoice from Sales order
  4. Sales Return
  5. Layaway

The options should also be controlled by user rights or PoS profile rights.

This is not available now in ERPNext Pos but should be.

If you can handle this project now, please go ahead and do so.