Change in-words description of price

I’m setting up ERPNext and created a test quote. I noticed in the In-words description of the price it says centavo instead of cents. I have my language and region set to English/United states and currency set to USD. What would I have to do to change it?

It may help to say whethe this is hosted at Erpnext or somewhere else. If self hosted , the operating environment and version of Erpnext.

If you see the in words part of the price in a print format, it the language box at the top of the print output English? Is the customer that you are quoting have an address set in US?

In Settings, Print format , is the default language for the Quotation format set to any language?Also look at the Customer, Currency and Price List in Settings as well as Erpnext Settings to check Global Defaults.

I just encountered this on a fresh self-hosted installation of ERPNext 13.11. The default for the English language fractions in the USD currency document appears to be centavo, which is incorrect. It should be cents.

Opened github issue: Incorrect English default in "Fraction" field in USD currency document · Issue #27678 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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