Change item code to Item Name in Item List table

In below table format first item code is listed but i want to change into item name.
i can able to search by item code or either item name but… when i click on item it shows only item code . so every time user click on item and shows the name. ??

Possible to way to directly add in item table

Screen shot is for Material req but everywhere same happens in item listing table


Please check the following link to learn how you can make Item Name field visible as well.

Hi Umair,

The link Not Found is missing or moved. Please assist with new location if it exists.

thank you in advance,

Gene May


i checked link shared by you but there is no solution to

Change to item code to Item Name in Item List table

Hi Team,

Still any update i had same issue my user wants Item code to item name, So can you update how will i resolved this issue,

Please elaborate your case. Yours seems very different from what is being asked of in the post.