Change item code to Item Name

I need to use Item Names + Barcodes (like in P.O.S.) instead of Item Codes in P.O., Purchase Inv, Purchase Receipt, Sales Order almost everywhere.

Why not just add the “Item Name” to the document tables and then you can set it to be viewable and adjust it’s column size.

All of that is editable in the Customize link for the document.


You can do this through customization.

  1. Go to PO List > Menu > Customize.

  1. Check the name of the table (Purchase Order Item) in this case.

  1. In Customize Form enter the name of the form “Purchase Order Item”.

  1. In the table, for Item Name make sure “In List View” checkbox is checked.

Similarly, check for Barcode and uncheck for Item Code.

Hope this helps.

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This works! :raised_hands:t4:
But how do I add the barcode field?

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Follow the same procedure. Check the “List view” checkbox for Barcode field.

There is no Barcode field in here.

Is this the field you are talking about? If yes, it is in the PO form. So select Form Type as Purchase Order.

Hope this helps.

How do I make the ‘Item Name’ field searchable?

click on item name in the customize form as mentioned by @michelle under step 4 , tick “in standard filter” , you should be fine now .

Hey! I ticked the “in standard filter”, but it doesn’t search like it searches the item code.