Change item group unique name rest api

Hello for my ecommerce integration i need to rename Item Group so My Slugs Matchs Erp Item Group name, so far bad luck :smiley:
i’m using
put http://mysite.localhost:8000/api/resource/Item Group/{some name}
body {
“item_group_name”: “something”,
but the problem is Item Group Item_group_name does change but the main name (unique one) doesn’t

any solutions ?

To modify the 'name' key on any Document, you can call the Python function frappe.rename_doc(). This function does 2 important things:

  • Updates the value on your Document.
  • Searches for references (Links) to your Document, and updates the reference values too.

However, I do not believe there is a standard API for rename.

See response below from Youssef for how to call via REST API.

Use this API