Change item serial number on paid invoice

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is there a way to change item serial number on a paid invoice?

The scenario is used when a customer purchases multiple items, one of them malfunction, we do replace same product with different serial number.

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You have to make return invoice for that item first. The new item needs to be made in a new invoice. You can adjust the payment with the credit note

Yes, this keeps happening with all serialized items. I am not too sure Shakeel’s approach is appropriate, as making a Sales Return for every support issue (I guess it’s a support issue after all) could have tax and other accounting implications.

I guess it all depends on the following:

What happens to the defective item? Does the organization get it back? Or is it scrapped in the field?

If the organization gets it back, is there any repairs possible? If yes, can the repaired item restocked as a sales item? Or to swap with a defective item.

I think your best bet would be to do Stock Entry purpose Material Receipt (to take back into your books the defective item), Stock Entry purpose Material Issue, to get the Serial Number you gave to the client and link both of these to the Support Ticket or Issue # so that you can keep track.

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Has anyone come up with a solution to change serial numbers of items that have been already issue through a delivery note and Sales Order and Sales invoice. To add to that the payment has also set off against the Sales invoice.

My scenario is:
Stock entry of items have been done entering each items serial number when received at the warehouse.

Due to some reason (which we are still investigating) the items have been taken out of the boxes (maybe for QC) and have got packed into the wrong box.

When Items were dispatched to the customers the box serial number has been entered into the Delivery Note. which intern has been linked to the sales invoice.

We have found out after many months, that the wrong serial numbered items have got entered into the delivery notes. This poses a big problem for warranty as well as dispatching/selling the remaining items, as those serial numbers showing in the ERP (as active in the warehouse) is actually with the customers.

We have no way of cancelling the Delivery Note as its linked to the Sales Invoice. Cancelling the Sales invoice too is impossible as the customer has physically signed the original Sales Invoice and also we have submitted the details to the authorities for tax payments.

Is there absolutely any way we can change the serial number of the items that have gone through the delivery note to the customer and change the status of the new serial number in the system to delivered. (by attaching it to the delivery note).

I know this is very complicated, but we don’t see an alternative, any help on this is really appreciated. Thanks.

How about doing a Sales Return for the delivery note and taking back the serial numbers into stock and doing another delivery note with the correct serial numbers that were actually shipped to the client?

The other option is to do a Stock Entry Purpose Material Receipt and a Stock Entry Purpose Material Issue. Maintain the new Serial Numbers that are actually with the client either in the comments section of the Delivery Note or a custom field (allow on submit) at the Delivery Note details.

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my idea is to create a custom doctype with following fields: DN, Item Code, old SN, New SN
then create new records in the new DocType, in the submit event handle the serial number replacement logic: replace old SN with new SN in the old stock ledger entry via frappe.db.set_value, update the old SN status as available for use.

Hi Jay,
Thank you for the reply, and sorry for the delayed response.
Unfortunately when I try to cancel the delivery note, as its linked to the sales invoice, it tries to cancel that as well (is there a work around to prevent this). So I’m unable to cancel the Sales invoice as its submitted to the customer and also to the authorities for tax purposes.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on the stock entry solutions you have mentioned. I don’t quite understand what you Receipt and what you are proposing to Issue.


Thanks szufisher,

This sound like what I would ideally like to do so that I can keep the DN, SI etc intact. but just don’t quite know how to go about do this.

Just to get a clarification, if I change the stock ledger field “Serial” will the new DN reflect the new serial number entered? Also id the stock ledger the only place the serial number is associated with the DN (customer).

Can somebody tell me, how the serial number gets linked to a delivery note ? is it through the stock ledger or something else ?

If its through the stock ledger, is there any way I can change the value for serial in the stock ledger.