Change Lead Status select options?

I’d like to modify the Status Options in the Lead “Status” field. It seems that this is disabled for in-built DocTypes. How do you change the options in the Status field?

Hi there, I can edit mine on v14 without any issue logged in as administrator.

Maybe another option would be setting dev mode on?

$ su - frappe
$ cd frappe-bench
$ bench set-config developer_mode 1

As I understand it, V14 is designed to NOT allow the fields that come with ERPNext by default to be changed. I guess the idea is that certain field values are tied to specific logic that could be broken if those fields are changed.

The problem is that some of those field values really don’t make sense, at least not in the majority of cases.

For example, I want to change the Lead’s Status options. There is no appropriate value for a Lead that the sales rep is not actively pursuing. The value of “Do Not Contact” does not make sense for that… There should probably also be a value to represent a Lead that WAS “Lost” but that is being pursued again, such as a value of “Recycled.”

That is a bit odd, I have multiple addins to the Lead status options coming from v13 and they were successfully migrated and I’m not locked in to add new ones even on v14.

Take a backup/snapshot and have a go see how it goes