Change Naming Series Prefix

I’d like to know if is possible to modify the prefix of Supplier. In the buying setting i select “Naming Series”, in the field “Supplier Naming By”, and now the prefix is “SUPP-”.
Is it possible to customize it?


Please check:

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Steps To customize the Naming Series of ‘Supplier’ form.

1.Go to ‘Setup’ Module → ‘Customize’ Menu → ‘Customize Form’ doctype
2. Select ‘Supplier’ in ‘Enter Form Type’ field.
3. In ‘Fields’ datagrid , Click on ‘Series’ row.
Here in ‘Option’ textarea you can add new naming series for ‘Supplier’ form.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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Perfect thanks for your reply.


A follow-up question. In the document-naming-series documentation, it mentions that it is common to have a separate series for each financial year.

But will this really happen automatically? Will the system be smart and detect this by itself?

i.e. INV-YY####

  • INV-120001
  • INV-120002
  • [happy new year!!]
  • INV-130001


Should be INV-.YY.####

don’t forget the separators.

For Year vs. Sequence no#

Will the system be smart and detect this by itself? i.e. reset the sequence when YY updates?

Yeah should reset. The prefix is dynamically evaluated. It will be a new prefix in a new year.

What happen if a series has reach its maximum digit i.e. INV-15-9999

Will it automatically add digit for next invoice transaction : INV-15-10000 ??


No it will start from 0 for the new series/

Do you mean it will automatically create a new prefix for that transaction and restart from 0?

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YY detect fiscal year or civil year?

our fiscal year are from april 1st 2015 to march 31th 2016 wich year the system will take. our fiscal year are named 2015-2016 does the system can take INV-1516####?

@synertic YY detect civil year,

You can manually set naming series INV-1516- and reset it every year.
I think its one time job for you

Its getting close to our numbering series in production (without ERPnext yet)

It would be appreciated you can not only Reference YY as Year, but also any other linked field
in ERPnext DB like “$fiscal_year” or in our use case we the customer no. in the Invoice Series, which would convert roughly to “$customer_id” or so.

@hwinkel you can add your fields in naming series.

refer You can use custom field in naming series along with YY MM DD option - #7 by kolate_sambhaji

link not working

Is there a way to prevent it from starting over every month
I am using CUST-.YY.MM.-.####

I want it to continue without being effected by year or month
I am using erpnext on AWS


I have the same question, will it start new series automatically or need to reset manually ?

Hello, @alan @A.Mas No, it wouldn’t reset on the transitioning of months automatically. You will have to do it manually. Let’s not forget we are an ERP, not AI-ERP :wink:

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It will reset and start the count on the beginning of every month and every year.

I figured that the best solution is to make it yearly.