Change of an GET ITEMS Option from Sales Order to Delivery Note as an Option in Maintenance


Can I change the GET ITEMS -SALES ORDER TO DELIVERY NOTE as an option as I need these datas in the Maintenance.


Can you please elaborate with the use-case with an example?

In the maintenance I have to select sales orders for the get items
Can I replace this with the Delivery note to get items.

Example -1

I have machine X and created a serial no as 101

I have created a Stock entry for which the Machine x has been transfered to Finished Goods Note with Serial No
I have created a Sales Order , Delivery Note and this Machine X with serial No is generated.

After the Machine is delivered to the customer.

It comes under the Maintenance or Service.

Know I will create Maintenance schedule and I will click GET ITEMS and will select SALES ORDER, INSTEAD HERE I NEED DELIVERY NOTE AS i CAN FETCH THE MACHINE WITH THE SERIAL NO.


How to fetch the Item Serial No into the Maintenance schedule as the Sales Order will not have the serial no details.

This feature is not configurable for now.

May be you should refer to Sales Order or other transaction which has multiple options.