Change of default bom of an issue - not changing in multilevel bom related

We have an item with a default bom filled with items, lets call them subitems

Subitems have also boms

We modifiied the existing boms by cancelling and duplicate (only way we found to do it)
Then a new default bom is set in those subitems

When we come to the principal item bom and we try to update cost we got an error message asking the old boms from the subitems.

Need some advice to be able to be able to change things in items, boms, etc and the system updating the related documents


A search of ‘multi-level bom’ may give you some ideas…

This correct. The thing is what happens if I change a Bom in the
subassembly items, changing the default one and deleting the old school
ones. I found that the parent Item does not change.

Francisco Lage